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CRUNK-N-BUCK has been making music since the 8th grade, still rep da same place; it’ hard to change your old ways. There isn’t much love in the city, but we keep REPPIN’ MISSISSIPPI. A lot of dudes sale-out, but we aren’t buying. We make QUALITY STREET MUZIK. WE DON’T DANCE!.. WE GET YOU CRUNK, WE GET YOU BUCK, but WE DO NOT DO THAT DANCE’N and STUFF. A lot new and old cats follow da trends dats out; same sound, same lyrics, doing DANCE SONGS TO GET OWN. They get on with that dance song, and now you’re on some GANGSTA SHIT, so YOU HARD NOW?... REPPIN’ ANOTHER CITY, SONGS WITH FAMILIAR FEATURES, DOING WHAT THESE RAP NIGGAZ DO! CRUNK-N-BUCK DON’T GET INTO THE POLITICS. CRUNK-N-BUCK MAKE QUALITY STREET MUZIK IF YOU INTERESTED!… DOWNLOAD THE NEW UNDISCOVERD MIXTAPE FROM CRUNK-N-BUCK NOW @