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SINTETICO MINISTERIO SINTETICO MINISTERIO was formed by Jhonny Darko (Keyboard & Programations) , Snow Lacamia (Vocal & Lyrics) , Gutisk ( Vocal & Lyrics) & Ricardo Santos ( Programations , Guittar & Keyboard) , all with influences in 80 and 90 years. Bands like Depeche Mode, Beborn Betton, Joy Division , The Cure , Peter Schilling , New Order , The Sisters Of Mercy , And One , Pet Shop Boys , Pink Turns Blue , Kraftwerk , The Smiths Germany synth. Sintetico Ministerio uses electronic melodies in high quality, dancing tracks, music to the “dancing floor”, union with bit strong with the female soft vocal and aggressive masculine vocal . The name SINTETICO MINISTERIO is homage to Ministry, 80 years’ band (If the name was in English could be Synth Ministry) and Sintético is just like Synthpop European. SM wants to innovate and be original. We are here to mark the new moment, the year, the century and open the doors in the musical scene. To rescue the good like of the great music, elaborated and done with passion. SM is here to show the respect to the sonority, to keep all of deep feelings The lyrics are about real people, real facts that seems like fiction. The passage trough the death and ascension, pain, love and pleasure, vampirism and Power are the themes. CONTACT SINTETICO MINISTERIO BAND 55 11 62193825 RUA : NOSSA SENHORA DAS DORES 200 SÃO PAULO SP 03367040
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