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New Audios
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Genner: Pop-Rap
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A single sing by yung poppa where he talks about taking anotha mans girl and not caring about her man
swag hard
Just like any Prosperous leader, The President knows what he is doing. Motivated his whole life by the struggle, he knew from a young age that he would provide more for himself and his people. Growing up in Harlem, New York City, in and out of the system, The President quickly learned what it took not only to survive, but also stand out above that. Over the years, the proclaimed “Hood Ambas...
Living for the City
Genner: Dirty South
Very PoorBelow AverageAverageGoodVery Good
Dirty Life Music 2011
Genner: Hip Hop
Very PoorBelow AverageAverageGoodVery Good
Blaze up